Friday, April 01, 2005
Chemistry Lessons
Some things just need to be learned. Today as I was doing the dishes, I decided to clean the disposal thingy. The rubber thing that sits on the opening to the sink. So I cleaned it with a brush. Then I filled the other half of the sink with hot water and some bleach and soaked the brush and the rubber thing. Fine.

Then I decided to throw some bleach down the disposal to clean down there. Ok. That would have worked if I had poured bleach and then turned the disposal on. But I turned the disposal on first. So bleach spashed back on me. My face. Ick. I was thinking how lucky I was that I was wearing glasses. And I am lucky. That could have stung or been dangerous. But I just looked at my shirt. Mmm. Solid green with flecks of white. Nice.

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