Thursday, April 28, 2005
Another (even smaller) study
This one was done in December of last year and I am surprised that I have not come across it before. It is a lengthy write up done for a school project. The study was tiny (6 people including the author, where the author was the most active participant. So really it is mostly about the author. But still pretty cool. ) but it is very interesting to see what questions were asked and what things answers were found.

One idea that it looks at is the lurkers.

Finally, it is interesting to note that, as far as social conventions go, people seem to find more value in reviewing links than in submitting them. Although the degree of ‘lurking’ is difficult to quantify, I quote the following comment by a user: “I don't post that often. I do find things daily that I feel are worth posting but I don't.

I wonder what the ratio is between links submitted and links clicked on? And then how many of those clicked on links go on to be submitted again? I myself love to look at the popular links at least a few times a week and maybe once a week I will look at what is being submitted into delicious right now, just to see what obscure things are out there.

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