Tuesday, March 08, 2005
Phantom Phone ring
They say that when a person gets a limb amputated, they can still feel like they have the arm and can sense it, in a way. I think of that every time I hear what I call my phantom phone ring.

This was especially bad last summer when I was co-managing the catering company for three weeks while the boss was up in Michigan. I was in charge of the phones and they would ring and I would have to be chipper and nice and ask people what they wanted to eat. It made me a little nervous to be in charge of the phone all of the time. And I heard the phone ring a lot. And even when I didn't really hear it ring, I thought I heard it ring and I would look at it, and it wouldn't be ringing and it wouldn't even say I missed a call.

A few minutes ago I noticed that my sister had called me this morning, so I returned her call, left her a message, and then left the phone in the bathroom where I had been doing my hair. Later, when back in the living room, I thought I heard my phone so I run run run to the bathroom, dodging the clothes on the floor and the hair dryer cord. And nothing. No ringing phone, no missed call.

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