Monday, March 21, 2005
Making Money
Unfortunately, I have inherited my mom's thoughts on buying and returning merchandise. The first step is going shopping. The second step is called "making money". (Normal people might refer to the second step as, making a return. But we think differently.) I went to Barnes and Noble because I had a book to buy for teacher cert. classes. I bought it and went along my merry way. Until my merry way took me to where the book was like 8 dollars cheaper. That is too much money to pass up. So I bought the book there and yesterday I went back to Barnes and Noble to return the book.

But while returning the book, I got it in my head that I should by something else. A new book club I am joining is going to read The Kite Runner. So I bought that. And then I thought about all the free money I was spending, so I walked around and looked for something else. I couldn't find anything, so I walked up to the counter. But on the way there, guess what jumped in my hand?

Magnetic Poetry: Book Lovers Edition.

As if I needed another way to procrastinate.

So yesterday I went to Barnes and Noble and I got The Kite Runner, some magnetic procrastination, and eight bucks. All for free. (See, thats where the faulty thinking comes in.)

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