Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Great Powerpoint
I blame Pamela who went on Spring Break and encouraged me to work on our Grant early. So our grant has been turned in since Sunday and it isn't even due until tomorrow. So I have a lot of time on my hands.

While blog reading, Weblogg-ed pointed me here. It is a powerpoint presentation with the sound to go with it. My second sort of presentation of the day. But it is a facinating presentation, interesting, and, as Will Richardson mentions, just a great example of the best use of powerpoint. It is very simplistic but so effective. (although it really is too bad that there is a tremendous echo in the recording. I guess he was at a large venue or something. But it really makes me think I have voices in my head. Especially when he talks fast. Update: ok so I paused the presentation and then resumed play. No echo. So I guess that just leaves the voices in my head.)

My powerpoint presentation that I did at the high school library for the PTA was not so good. Too many words and I talked too fast. But the mothers were thrilled to get the information. I told about all of the databases that the high school offers the students.

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