Monday, March 28, 2005
Game of Fetch
I was sitting outside on my balcony this afternoon, reading The Kite Runner, because it is the subject of my book club tomorrow night and I have only read 111 pages. So I was there and got to see a bunch of my neighbors and match them with their cars. I also watched these two little girls. One was dressed in a purple bikini and the other in shorts and a t-shirt. They were probably around 9 years old.

They were bouncing this ball back and forth. Harmless enough. Then they started throwing if over the car port. Then it got stuck on the car port. And they made a man (who was walking his dog and happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time) fetch the ball off of the car port with a stick. Lucky girls. So he got it and then kept walking.

And the girls didn't thank him. I was sitting on my porch and wanted to scream, "Girls, don't you need to thank that nice man?" But, in an effort to not seem like that old man on Its A Wonderful Life ("Why Don't You Just Shut Up and Kiss her?") I held my tongue.

I didn't realize that the girls thought that this was a game that should continue. They threw the ball up so that it landed on the middle of the car port. Haha. No stick will ever reach it. I just pity the poor man who fetches a ladder and climbes up there for them.

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