Thursday, March 17, 2005
Future Blogs
One of my strengths is my ability to find what other people have done and change it up for my own purposes and use it. Not stealing. Just not reinventing the wheel. Like my new design for my blog. I took a blog from blogskins and redesigned and redesigned and learned new CSS by just getting in there and doing it. It made my mind stretch and it was fun.

Anyway, I can see myself using tips and strategies and lessons from other teachers as I am teaching. I collect things I read on listservs and on teacher blogs. As much as possbible I want to learn from those who have been out there and know what they are doing.

What I am not finding are blogs with lesson plans on them. Or blogs with English related sponge activities to use at the beginning of the class. Or any sort of activity. There are blogs with book reviews. There are blogs with stories of what is happening in classrooms but not the specifics.

It is not that I am trying to be lazy. I don't especially want to find these so that I don't have to do the work or thinking myself. But I know that there must be blogs that do this out there and it just astounds me if there are not. Because I think that would be one of the first things that I would/will put out there. For my future reference and for the community so that we can all see what is going on out there.

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