Monday, March 28, 2005
Forever let us hold our banner High! High! High! High!
I had a great weekend with my family in Houston. Then last night we brought a couch for my apartment. This couch had been sitting in my grand parents garage for two years. But luckily it didn't go unused. Nope. Some mice had been living in it. Oh joy. I immediately thought mice when I saw the little bits of plastic bag that had been chewed up and were now in the corner of the couch. Then I picked up the cushion and saw little mouse terds. If only I didn't know so much about mice.

But when I lived in Tennessee, we had a big mice problem. They were small mice, I guess. Maybe average. But we had many. We would set traps - mostly in the pantry- and make my dad check the traps before we would go anywhere near them. You see one mouse caught in a trap and you never want to see that again. So I know about mice and the evidence of them. I know that you don't use cheese in a mouse trap because they can eat it without springing the trap. You use peanut butter. I know that they can chew through just about anything except for steel wool.

Lucklily I think the mice had moved on before we moved it into my apartment. I have seen no signs of mice. No squeeks. No hand-sewn dress for me to attend the Ball. No Gus-gus. No Mickey. No Minnie. No Mighty.

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