Thursday, March 17, 2005
Blog To Do List
Sadly, this to do list will probably take priority over my real life to do list, which includes things like laundry, taxes, cleaning room, school work and returning to austin.

1. Clickable posts with their own pages
2. On those individual post pages, make sure the pictures of books show up
3. Change picture of hot chocolate to something more interesting
4. Pick quote of the moment from my personal collection... perhaps. Or maybe just bring it to the top.
5. Separate comments from time posted.
6. If possible, shorten the blogger header thingy back to original height. Please be possible. Please be possible.
7. Fonts: make them all the same color.
8. Add favorite links
9. When back in Austin look at old template and see what else I am forgetting
10. Get firefox button?

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