Wednesday, March 30, 2005
82%, fun, mmm, ha.
Today was a big day. I took a practice TExES test that qulified me to sign up for the real test in May. I got an 82% and I needed an 80% to get the green light to sign up for the real one. Sadly, one of the questions I missed was about capitalization errors. that's Something i Need to Brush up On. There were also some questions with words that I did not know. But I did pretty well for not having any real training except for college classes, high school (I found myself sometimes reaching back to what I had learned in MY high school education. Haiku. That question was about haiku. I started immediately counting syllables when I realized that a haiku originally written in Japenese may not translate into a haiku with the correct number of syllables), and what I learn from reading books and lurking on listservs.

Today I also went to the library and returned my books and got new ones.

Today I also bought a blender. Mmm. Smoothies.

And I read in blogs that are describing those blogs that are less than professional. Hehe. They were funny. Both of the bloggers are responding to education people thinking that blogs are fluff. Will Richardson says that "The fact is, Myspace is less a Weblog site than it is a community of adolescents making a lot of sexual innuendo who love the color pink." Then HipTeacher says, "that no teacher would ever be using Xanga for god's sake". But it is true. With all of the different blogging things out there, people know what the main purposes of a certain system is. Some are more geared towards teens, some are more professional. Some are varied.

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