Thursday, February 10, 2005
why my mouth is burned and my hot chocolate has spit in it.

I have control issues. When I get a hot drink (coffee-ish drink, tea, hot chocolate) I want the last sip to be hot. Well warmer than warm, at least. If the last sip is lukewarm or (say it ain't so) cold, I just will quit drinking and be forced to throw it away. So, as a result, when I make a drink at home like tea or hot chocolate, I make it really hot. Like sometimes it is still boiling when I put in into my mug. And then I (stupidly) take a sip. I wonder what I think has happened to the drink to make it palatable in the five seconds from the pot to the mug that has made it not burning hot. But still, I take a sip. And inevitably burn my mouth. And today it was so hot that I had to either burn my throat and swallow or spit it back into the mug. I chose the latter. Posted by Hello

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