Saturday, February 19, 2005
Raising Hands
I have some teacher certification school homework due tomorrow at 10pm. I was reading in my book about how students prefer passive lerning, when I thought about how I was as a student.

I was not a eager talker, but if I had something to say I wanted to say it. I usually knew the right answer. If a teacher asked a question and I knew the answer, I wouldn't always raise my hand, even if I was sure I had the right answer. I liked to raise my hand seldomly enough so that it almost assured me that if my hand was raised, I would be called on. I didn't really enjoy being the person to always raise my hand. I wanted the effort of a raised hand be rewarded immediately.

And the thing is, it worked. 90% of the time I raised my hand, I was called on and I answered the right answer. Maybe the teacher thought I only raised my hand when I knew the answer. But if I did that, then I would have raised my hand 5x the amount of times and I would have only gotten called on a smaller percentage of the times I raised my hands. More work. Less reward. Mayber the teachers were on to me and knew I was just being lazy.

It is amazing to think about a teacher and a classroom of students and all the things going on in their heads and the things that they know about what is going on in one another's heads.

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