Thursday, February 17, 2005
Just call me Rachael Ray / 14
Yes, that is a mathematical equation, not an either/or/and situation.

It is thursday and I have 12 dollars in my wallet. I started out the week with a twenty dollar bill and a hope. A hope that I could make it through the week. And I have only spent 8 dollars. I bought two pieces of pizza on Sunday night and then I went to the grocery store for eggs, milk, and cheese nips. Someone must have smuggled some pizza rolls into my basket, because I ended up with that too. But the total was just $6.26 and I spent the $.26 from change in my purse so that doesn't really count. I am so proud. If I still have $2.00 left at the end of the week, I am SO going to Pier One and getting a flower to put in my vase on my shelves.

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