Monday, February 14, 2005
Insert Roses Here
If I had kept my batteries charged, I would certainly insert a picture of my wonderful roses right here. Because thats what I got in the mail: flowers. I walked in the door after 5 and saw a note from my best friend, Fed Ex. I thought, how awesome, my printer came a month ahead of schedule! So I went to the apartment office and waited to pick my package up. But the box was longer and thinner than expected and labeled ProFlowers. Good thing I didn't wait till tomorrow to pick up the package. I got flowers. In the mail. Not via a delivery person. That is a first. Thanks mom and dad.

I spent my single awareness day surrounded by librarians, most female, and most years older than me. So I guess the good news is that many people really will be graduating in the next 10 years and job prospects really are good. Haha. Ok. The library conference was very good. It is rather odd, getting pumped up about a job that I cannot have for 2 years, but I know that what I learn about being a good librarian will help me to be a good teacher.

In other news, I got a credit card bill on Saturday that is making my pull back the reins on my finances. So I bought a newspaper and got $20 cash last night. I have enough food in the house to get me through the week except for some eggs and maybe lunchmeat. But I am making a game out of it and seeing how far I can get. Last night I spent $2 so I still have $18 left. I can make it!!!!

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