Sunday, February 20, 2005
Gmail as to do list?
In college, in classes where I was bored, I would write out my to do list on a sheet of notebook paper. I would then put a star (I had perfected doing the star outline --not the star with just five lines that cross eachother-- in high school in my Literary Magazine course. Perfected it to such a degree that they gave me my name on a star as a gift at our christmas party. ) to the left of the item on the list and then I would color in the star when I had done the item. It was a nice list because I liked stars and I could easily see what I had not done by the absence of color on the corresponding star.

Fastforward a couple years. I read this about using Gmail as a Journal and then this about using Gmail for taking notes and then this about using Gmail to catalog information. I decided to try out my own Gmail as a to do list.

Based on many of their ideas, but with only using filters and labels, none of the So I gave my self a gmail invitation and set up my to do list email.


Why I like this:
  1. When I am signed into my Gmail to-do list I am not signed into my Gmail regular email, which, in theory, makes me more productive.
  2. Stars are colored in when I complete my to do list!!!!
  3. No more writing out to do lists manually and wasting paper.
  4. Stars! Colored in! In yellow! The happy color!
  5. My to do list is not washed away in a jeans pocket. It is viewable from any computer.
  6. By looking at all the starred mail, I can see how productive I have been.
  7. Stars!
Why I am not going to like this:
  1. Logging in and out of Gmail all day. I think there is a way to prevent this. But I dont know about that and it might bring my productivity down.
  2. I dont know about keeping up with all of the labels. If this does work, and I still only have 20 emails, a year from now I will want to look at February's to do list and unless I delete February from 2005, all of February, any year comes up. Deleting could get tedious. But not too bad because you can select a whole group and then remove the label.
  3. If I get tired and bored of it.


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