Thursday, February 24, 2005
between FoodTV and Oprah, I shall be fit!
It was on my to do list to write a post about how much I miss the Food Network. I love the food network. I love Rachael Ray and her knife and her honey and I love Tyler Florence and How to Boil Water and that woman from Georgia with the accent. I love the cute Italian girl too with the name I dont remember. I love their food. And I miss my them because I don't have cable.

I miss the Food Network most on the weekends, when Cooking School puts my favorite shows back to back to back for hours and hours of enjoyment. Now, I only get ice skating, football, baskeball, and race cars. I have replaced my favorite shows in the world with things that, in my opinion, are not only second rate, they are about 7th rate, after a movie I have watched 6 times, the radio, my cds, dog's barking, and silence.

Granted, March Madness is just around the corner, so maybe I will try to get into it this year. My brother would be happy. But I am so uneducated that I dont even know if those are on cable or Alicia tv.

Anyway, the point is... I miss my food tv. Fastforward to my crazy idea to go workout in the free fitness center the apartment gods provide. Yes, it was my first visit. It was something I thought I should get done in the first two months of living here. So I went. I turned on the tv and who was there? Paula Deen! Yes! The one from Georgia! That has two sons and makes yummy food and talks really nice!

So now I need to look up the food network schedule and put some workouts on my calendar.

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