Tuesday, January 04, 2005
I have been up to many things lately. This is a busy time for me with moving and going on vacation and attending weddings and being invited to be a bridesmaid and starting new school and everything.

1. I went to Mexico with my family for Christmas. We had a great time, even when I got frustrated with being with so many family members and traveling from city to city. We saw beautiful buildings and family that I do not often get to see, because they live in Mexico. I tried to use my Spanish, like when telling the maid we needed 10 more minutes. We went on tour buses and saw the cities of Mexico City and Vera Cruz. We ate so much good Mexican food. I had chiliquiles every morning for breakfast. Well, almost every morning. And about halfway through the trip I realize that I could have hot chocolate for breakfast so that just made my vacation. Mexican hot chocolate is so much better than American. I don't know why but it is. I took many pictures on my digital camera and today I went and printed some out at WalMart. I was really surprised at the quality of the pictures. The camera is only 2 megapixels, but for a 4x6 shot, it appears to have done quite well.

2. I spent New Years at a wedding and talking about weddings and being invited to be in two weddings. It was a really good weekend and I am excited about moving closer to these friends and having my own apartment and all.

3. Moving is going well. Most of the details are in place but I still have to call and hook up the heat. Hmm. Should probably be doing that right now. I also need to arrange to hook up the cable, but I am getting a new computer to be delivered there so I dont know exactly when it will arrive so how can I arrange for the cable guy to come out? And the whole UHaul and unpacking thing is sorta stressing me out, but oh well. I will have many errands to run on Friday after unpacking. Cingular to change my cell phone number. WalMart or Target or somewhere to get a shower curtain/rod. HobbyLobby because canvases are finally on sale. I wish I could buy them here, but I can't really afford that space in my car.

4. My teacher certification classes start on the 8th, which is this Saturday. woo hoo. I just yesterday got access to my new email account and blackboard account. I cannot say how excited I am to be using blackboard. I have known it existed for a while but now I actually get to use it and then I can be knowledgeable and compare it to WebCT. If I am really lucky, my one UNT library class will be through WebCT Vista. That would really just make my day.


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