Sunday, December 12, 2004
So long, Farewell...
I said my first goodbyes yesterday. I went to the DG Officer transition. I met the new girls taking over the offices I was advising. And told them basically good luck! See ya! Really, we went around and introduced all of the advisors and in my little piece I said that unfortunately, I would be moving in January. I had my little one on one conferences with the girls, then when it was time for me to leave (early, because I had to get to work) I went around and said goodbye to all of the other advisors. Some I have known for just this last semester, while I have known two of them since the first summer I was here, a year and a half ago when I volunteered to help out with recruitment. It was sad saying goodbye. I am such a talented person, however, that I had THEM convincing ME that I was going to be fine, that everything was going to be great. I am going to miss them.

There are also so many people at work that I am going to miss. One, who, told me to be nice because I was one of her favorites and then said that I was "too cute to not have a guy". And another, who is a seasonal person who is still learning to put checks through the register and told me that if I changed my mind and wanted to stay, she could help me find a place to live.

My mantra these days (besides the "I can do it. I can do it. It's ok. It's ok." that I perfected while learning to drive, hands at 10 and 2 and eyes straight forward.) is that darned Kelly Clarkson song. I finally got my hands on the CD. Did I mention that? Not thirty minutes after I had signed the lease, I found myself wandering down HEB, through the CD section (Yes, a grocery store with CD section). Anyway, I could listen to Breakaway over and over and over again these days. The line that speaks the most to me is "Though it’s not easy To tell you goodbye, I gotta take a risk, take a chance make a change, And break away." That is just what I feel like I am doing. I know for the rest of my life, whenever I hear that song, I will think of this period in my life.


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