Tuesday, December 14, 2004
Ode to Yahoo! Mail
Not to be (totally) outdone, Yahoo! has now Double and halved my mailbox storage. First it was 6 MB (I got in while it was still 6, then it went down to 4) then 25 then 100 and now 250. It still cannot search or archive or put lables or collect conversations, but for what its worth, Yahoo! Mail, I still love you. You were my first web-based email, and I will never forget you. Even though Gmail is cooler, you, Yahoo! Mail will always hold a special place in my heart.

After searching, apparently the switch from 100 to 250 happened in November. So I guess I am a little late. But better late than never.

Speaking of Yahoo! I remember the first time I heard about Yahoo! In Biology class for some reason we went down to the computer lab. This was in 10th grade. Before this I hadn't had a whole lot of experience with the internet in general. In 8th and 9th grade we had Compuserve, where my email address was just random letters and numbers. Wow, Internet, you have come a long way. So anyway, we were in the computer lab researching something I suppose, when Mr. Rosser said that he liked to use Yahoo! to search. I remember that he even wrote it up on the board so that we could copy it.


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