Thursday, December 16, 2004
Little Bits
3. My family is here is Wichita all together. My brother and sister arrived last night from Texas. We have a couple days here together before going down to Mexico for Christmas.

4. Today is my last day of freedom before beginning 6 days of work. The Christmas season makes things busy though and I do love the people that I work with. The next six days will be hard because I know after that I will not see these people again. :(

5. I called to put electricity in my new apartment yesterday so now I truly feel like a grown up. I also packed two boxes. Just books and stuff, but at least it is a start.

6. It is Christmas card season! I have not mailed all of mine yet. I have mailed most though, and I have started receiving. If getting the mail was my favorite thing to do before, well it is even better now.

7. I am starting to think about the practical things that I will need for my new apartment. Things that I have never wanted because I just had access to them. But now I need them. Oh I feel too grown up!

8. I announced last night at youth group that I would be moving in January. I cried while reading The Prayer of Thomas Merton.


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