Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Let Rest 5 minutes
Yesterday I worked one four hour shift, got a one hour break, and then worked another four hour shift. For my break I went to the grocery store/library, checked the email, and wandered the grocery store for something to eat. The smart thing would have been to get the Lunchable. I really enjoy lunchables. Even though they are pricy for some crackers and processed meat and cheese, they are yummy. Like I said, that would have been the smart choice. But I was not being smart last night. I chose the Stouffer's lasagna. It is a small brick of frozen food that needs to be cooked for a substantial period of time. By the time I got back to work and put it in the microwave, I didn't have a substantial period of time. I put it in the microwave and waited for it to cook. The directions said let rest 5 minutes before eating after getting it out of the microwave. But I had about 7 minutes left of my break.

So I cut up the lasagna and took a bite. It was a big bite. Bigger than I had any business taking. I had the peice in my mouth but couldn't take the fork out because that would involve pressing the food against the side of my mouth. I couldn't remove the fork and the food for the same reason. The hottest food ever was in my mouth and I couldn't do anything about it. The girl at work was watching me. My eyes were watering. She asked me if I wanted my pepsi. I sort of laugh/groaned and nodded no. I just wanted her to go away incase I had to spit out my lasanga back into my microwave safe dish. She walked away, telling me if I spit it everywhere I would have to clean it up. When she turned away I ran to the kitchen (I was sitting on a broken down box in Bakeware) for my pepsi. I cooled the fire in my mouth with pepsi. By now, however, my face was completely red and tears were running down my face. NO. JOKE. Another woman walked through and asked if I was ok. By this time, my mouth was empty and I actually answered her.

The rest of my meal was eaten in small bites and washed down with sips of Cherry Pepsi. The roof of my mouth is still stolen and sore.


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