Wednesday, December 01, 2004
the best day
Today would normally be an average day. I got up, went to the high school to gather data for my case study. Then I worked on it and I am about ready to turn it in. (After calculating my grade and discovering I need a 78.46% to get an A in the class, I decided against working more on it).

But today is a fantastic day for two reasons.
1) The Kelly Clarkson song is available to purchase. Call me a dork but I think I might buy the whole CD. That way I can listen to that and the Sesame Street Christmas CD on my drive to Austin. (And if that isn't a true, blue miracle, I don't know what one is.)

2) Merriam-Webster announced the top 10 online word lookups of 2004. Everyone is woo-hooing over blog being nubmber one. But settle down people! Defenestration is number 10! Super woo hoo! I have loved the word defenestration since eleventh grade AP European history, when it came up in class one day. So what is defenestration? The throwing a person or a thing out of the window, of course!


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