Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Substituting: Day 3
Yesterday was my third day to substitute. I was way excited because I thought that perhaps I might be subbing for my 8th grade teacher. The name was the same (the spelling was different but I didn't know that until the next morning when I saw it on the computer) and the grade and subject were the same. It would have been really cool. A very huge coincidence, seeing as how I am living 4 hours west of my junior high. But she (my former teacher) moved away. Who's to say that she didn't move here?

Anyway, I was excited. But alas, it was not her. It was for a language arts class. Or so I thought. Turned out, I didn't have my own class. I was subbing for a lady who did school within a school. So she goes into other classrooms that are having language arts and does... something. What she does I have not yet figured out. So I just hung out and helped students, answered questions, got them pencils, gave them "the look", told them to get on task, passed out booklets, and went home at 11:45. That part was the best.

Overall this school was better than the last. The kids were more what I am used to. More attentive and respectful. It might have been different had I not had another teacher in the room though. There is that.

I was very lucky to get to see four different language arts teachers and how they teach. It really was a great opportunity. I got to see the good and the bad and compare what I thought about all of them. Two of them were better than the other two. One spent entirely too much time passing out papers. It annoyed me.

Now onto finding another subbing job for tomorrow.


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