Monday, November 29, 2004
Breakaway over and over
I have issues. I am THIS CLOSE to being done with this stinking semester. Five postings, one project, and one reading test. But I just can't get it done.

Instead I am collecting cool blogs, listening to Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson over and over again, and listening to the toilet run every 5 minutes in the bathroom a few feet away.

Oh well. Mondays were never meant to be productive, right?

At this rate I will not substitute at all this week. Today is UNPRODUCTIVITY DAY. Tuesday I am getting a hair cut and working on my case study project. Wednesday I will go to the high school to get any details about the school project squared away (including counting the books in each 100s section according to Dewey of the Nonfiction section). Thursday I drive to Austin. Friday I go looking at Apartments and hope I get the cool 1st floor one I want. Oh the counterspace!

I promised myself I would work until 2. At that time it was a full hour and a half of work. Unfortunately all I have to show for it is one posting, several new blogs to read, and some memorized song lyrics.


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