Monday, September 20, 2004
You made my day
Thanks Jacki for showing me one of the coolest blogs (and potentially the subject of a copyright lawsuit!!!) out there. It makes me crack up just thinking about it. What a way to use the internet. Sadly, however, it reminds me of the time in high school I left my purse on top of my car and drove away. My camera was in it. These girls from high school took a few pictures (bad pictures, no not dirty, just things like the floor and feet) before returning everything. It was like they did not understand how to operate my simple point and shoot camera. Their loss.

Now I am off to turn in my substitute application that I have had for exactly one month and two days (had FILLED OUT mind you). I am hoping that they will rush my application and I can attend the orientation on Wednesday. Or I am subconsciously hoping that, alas, I am too late and its not *really* my fault, is it?

Oh and the funniest thing about the new blog? Yep, they have a gmail account.


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