Friday, September 10, 2004
On Blogging
I have spent too many hours in the past few days working on how I want this blog to look. It's really bad that I don't have the money or intellect (computer speaking) to make a really cool blog. But I have decided that this will have to do and I am happy with it so far.

Things I should have been doing while working on this blog:
1. Read articles on Block Scheduling and the Library Media Center
2. Read WebCT postings so that I am counted "present" for class today
3. Pick up my closet -o- clothes off of the floor of my room
4. Eat breakfast
5. Dry my hair
6. Start on Inspiration project for Audio Visual Class (this software is amazing!)
7. Pay Bills
8. Find people to give my gmail account invites to.

Things I have discovered instead of doing the above 8 things:
1. When I am a teacher I am going to have to pay money and be more computer savvy so that I can have a wonderful website
2. Blogging is the personal essay sort of book of the future.
3. My eyes get tired when looking at the computer screen too long.


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