Saturday, September 18, 2004
Football, blogging, and Gmail...
The world is going crazy. Gmail is out of control. But first, a high school football game.

Last night, I went to my small town football game. There are two high schools here. There used to be only one but they split just a few years ago. I don't quite understand the split, because (as cities in Texas have learned) you can have better football teams by splitting the high school into 9,10 and 11,12 rather than two whole 9-12 schools. And isn't everything about football? I guess not here, because that is not what they did. So last night was the big rivalry game between the two high schools and the whole freaking town came out. It was truly something out of a corny made for tv movie. It was packed. Also the stands were smaller than I was used to in both high school and certainly in college so the field was SO close. It was crazy. Some of the students were scared that something bad would happen because evidently the high school rivalry is quite fierce. (In a high school game while I was in high school we had a streaker during the marching band time. It led to some excitement and a few arrests. I was sorta hoping for some excitement like that, but nothing happend.)

I have been on some high school english teacher's websites lately looking at the CyberEnglish courses, where the whole class is concerned with making an online portfolio. It looks interesting. It teaches HTML and computer stuff which is the future. It made me think (in Travis from Clueless, "OK, like, the way I feel about the Rolling Stones is the way my kids are going to feel about Nine Inch Nails" kind of way"). The way that I know how to type correctly and use the regular computer is how my kids will know HTML and all the cool internet things. That is so encouraging. And makes me want to know everything that they are going to know because I don't want to seem behind the times. But I already am. Oh well. I am doing my best to stay semi-informed on what is going on with the internet and blogging and how it is having an effect on education. I am excited to use it when I get my teaching certificate and start teaching. Slowly but surely I am collecting cool ideas.

This gmail thing is out of control. Now there is a song about gmail.(Lyrics here... scroll down a ways) I don't know what to say. It's just kind of crazy. But I do LOVE my new gmail account and find the way the conversations are still separated in yahoo rather annoying. And its sad that I need to keep yahoo for my listservs so that I still have the yahoogroup access. And there is still the yahoo-has-been-so-good-to-me-guilt. Oh well.


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