Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Day 2...
Today was day 2 in the high school library. Today, I succeeded in staying until noon, 1/2 hour longer than I stayed last week. Yea me! Today went a lot smoother. I knew who the librarian was, who the Para was, who the student aides were, and basically how the library worked. It was nice coming in and not having that, "Who are you and what are you doing here in a high school library" look on everyone's face.

It was also a very productive day. First I entered some books into the library automation software. They use Spectrum, which is very different from Dynix that I used at my time at the public library. Spectrum is very easy to use. I successfully checked in a student's book by myself and also did some copy-catalogging. I felt guilty about the "copy" part, though and wished I had my copy of the AACR2 on me so that I could make sure I was doing everything right. What a nerd.

Later this morning we got out the super cool technology and started playing with it. We hooked up a document camera to a projector and later a laptop to the projector. It was exciting. I got one of my nine AV setups complete. (For one of my classes I need to show that I am competant enough to hook up a TV/VCR, laminator, etc.)

That was enough productivity for me to clock out and take my starving self home to eat. Yum.


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