Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Apparently my cellphone has bluetooth. I don't know what exactly bluetooth is, but I am one step closer after today at the library. We first played with a scanner and tried to install it to the computer (which I took apart and hooked back together for my requirements... 2 down 7 to go!) but it just wasn't working. So then we played with this cool thing that I don't know how to explain (I couldn't even Google it because my vocabulary is limited) but it was very cool. Via bluetooth, it connected to the computer and we could play on the internet and then write on it. We imported a United States Map and then I put checkmarks everywhere that I have lived. It was exciting.

Yesterday at 11:08 I emailed the librarians in Texas to get them to take me on as the "mentee" (they, one of them really, would be the mentor). They have not yet replied. I am kicking myself for not emailing sooner (hehe just checked my spam file on gmail and it says "Hooray! No Spam here!") but I didn't want to email sooner because then I would have had to email sooner. Makes sense I am sure. But it was only one day ago and I am sure they (there were three people I emailed for heaven's sake!) will not leave me hanging for long.


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