Monday, September 13, 2004
Barnes and Noble fun
Today I went to Barnes and Noble to study. I also needed to buy an HTML book, because I was technically supposed to buy one for my Audio Visual Materials class. But it cost $50 and I thought I could wing it. And I still think I could, especially with all the resources available online. But, I thought it would make it easier on myself to just break down and buy a good HTML book so that I wouldn't be flipping through so many browsers and could instead have a book in my lap while working throught the online tutorial and quiz. Anyway, I studied, reading 2.3 chapters. Then I went searching for a good HTML book. The only requirement was that it covered the elements I will be quizzed on and that it cost LESS than $50, thereby making the purchase a wiser decision.

So I ended up getting a Web something for Dummies book, costing only 34.99. Wow! I thought I would use a few of those saved dollars on some goodies (but still educational goodies) for me. I kept looking a few minutes in the Computer/Programming section and found another book (one of those made and promoted heavily by Barnes and Noble) that was only $9.95! Super Wow! So then I was really able to buy some goodies! And I did.

I bought Count of Monte Cristo, because its a classic that I have not read and I LOVE the movie. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, because it is a great read and now I can share it with everyone I know without paying late fines. A copy of Bookmarks magazine, because it has an article on graphic novels, and of course my HTML book. The great thing was that the BN discount is worth 10% this week, double what it normally is, enough to mostly subsidize my study food: an oatmeal raisin cookie and tall Hot Cinnamon Sunset tea.


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